NASA’s MAVEN Maps Wind flow Circulation pattern on Mars

Scientists from NASA mapped the wind  flow circulation on Mars’ atmosphere. NASA’s MAVEN (Mars Atmosphere and Volatile EvolutioN mission) spacecraft was developed to study the atmosphere on the mars. Recently NASA celebrated the five-year anniversary of  MAVEN entrance into orbit on September 21. Now MAVEN has provided the details of wind  flow circulation on Mars’ atmosphere. With this study, it helps the scientists to study the ancient past and ongoing events of Mars.

This new study shows that the wind is circulating from dayside to night on the surface of the Mars. The study was based on the data collected by MAVEN since its journey on Mars. This helps the Scientists to study the behavior of wind pattern on the Mars. Similar to earth, Mars has also tall mountains and steep valleys and the wind pattern is above and around this topography.

Mehdi Benna of NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center  said “The observed global circulation provides critical inputs needed to constrain global atmospheric models,” in Greenbelt, Maryland. He also said that the average wind circulation pattern is stable but at a given point of time it is highly variable.

This discovery is the basis for the detection of topography-induced gravity wave ripples in the thermosphere of any planet including Earth.  

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