Delhi Assembly Election 2020 Exit Poll Results: Will Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) retain Power?

Delhi Assembly Election 2020 attracted the attention of everyone in the country. The much awaited Delhi election is over and exit polls of Delhi Assembly Election 2020 predicted that Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) will retain power. This time, Delhi Assembly Election 2020 has conducted for a total of 70 seats. AAP, BJP and Congress are the top contestants of this election. Surveys conducted by leading national TV channels in the country have shown that AAP will win majority seats and retain its power. This indicates that the confidence of Delhi people on chief minister Kejriwal has remained unchanged and the exit poll results shows that Kejriwal will be the CM for the third time with a clear majority.

Here are the exit poll results of various News Channels

India TV :  AAP  44, BJP 26, Congress 0

News Ex :  AAP  53-57, BJP 11-17, Congress 0-2

Times Now :  AAP 44,  BJP 26, Congress 0

News 18 :  AAP 44,  BJP 26, Congress 0

Republic TV :  AAP 44-61,  BJP 9-26, Congress 1

The results of Delhi Assembly Election 2020 will be announced on February 11. The counting of Delhi Assembly Election 2020 will begin from 8 am on February 11, Tuesday.

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