Coronavirus In Vijayawada Registers Two Suspected Cases

The Vijayawada government has identified two people suspected of having the Coronavirus in Vijayawada who are being monitored thrice a day by the state Of Hospital Department. As the Virus Has infected more than 4000 people in china and there have been 50 suspected indians in the List. The Two suspected cases have not been confirmed yet.

Director general of the health department, Coronavirus Vijayawada India said, “We are taking every precaution to detect any infection. However, till date not a single case has appeared. Those who returned from China have now been cleared after requisite tests.” The Major Reason for Coronavirus is Meat Consumption.

Coronavirus in Vijayawada Effects Meat Sales

Meat Consumption has Dramatically Decreased Due to the Coronavirus, Since Coronavirus can be spread through animals and it has been known to most of the health departments, Even WHO confirmed that eating meat is the Mean cause of Coronavirus.

State health department employees check on these people every morning and evening, visiting their houses or making phone calls to ascertain if flu, cough or any other symptom point towards the lethal infection.

Additional secretary health said that the state government has been screening passengers at Andhra Pradesh Airport as well as checkpoints along the Vijayawada Hospitals to screen people coming into the state from there.

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