Coronavirus Reports in Chennai:13 patients under observation

Coronavirus, which originated in China, is now spreading to the world. Many countries have already been taken precautionary measures to prevent this deadly dangerous virus. India, which is a nearby country to China, is already taking so many measures to prevent this Coronavirus.

 Recently there is a news about Coronavirus in Chennai metropolitan city. Doctors are saying that there are symptoms of Coronavirus from the passengers who are coming from the countries of Malaysia and Singapore. 13 people including 8 chinese nationals were admitted in hospitals and are under medical supervision. “There is no suspected case of Coronavirus in Tamilanadu and there are separate isolation wards in government hospitals and our Health department officials are continuously monitoring the situation” said Health Minister of Tamil Nadu Dr. C Vijayabhasker.

Tamilanadu state government is taking all the measures on Coronavirus prevention and all the airports have mandated the screening test for the passengers who are coming to Chennai from the countries of China, Hongkong, Singapore and Malaysia.                    

As the virus is spreading fast not only in China but in other countries of the world, Madras High Court has asked the Tamilanadu government to submit a detailed report on Coronavirus effect in Tamilanadu and the measures taken by the government to stop the spread of Coronavirus.

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