New exhibition of the Reina Sofía museum

In the new exhibition of the Reina Sofía museum there is nothing to see. This, posed like this, point-blank, does not mean that the proposal is not of interest, or that it does not contain any relevant work. Unlike.

It literally means what it says: in Audiosphere no object is exhibited, no image, nothing that can enter by sight. Curated by Francisco López, a fundamental figure in experimental music in recent decades

The exhibition proposes an unprecedented experience: an incursion into the museum not to look, an activity to which it seems inexorably linked, but to practice, exclusively, listening.

With more than 700 works by about 800 authors – some are collectives – the proposal culminates the ordeal that the contemporary art center has launched this year into sound art, a form of expression on which the invisible Auto sacramental of Niño de Elche

Que steal la memoria , by Concha Jerez, and the collective Disonata , which covers the founding period of the artistic reinvention of sound, from the avant-garde to the eighties of the last century.

Audiosfera , open from today until January 11, 2021, takes over from Disonata , starting from that decade of transition, the eighties, until reaching the present, a time marked by the development of technology and, in particular, by the irruption of that catalyst of authors, ideas and trends called the Internet.

“At every moment there is a dominant type of art,” explained the director of the Reina Sofía, Manuel Borja-Villel. “In the fifties it was painting in the sixties and seventies, sculpture and in the eighties, the sound, only that it has not been studied or understood, because it was cannibalized by the devices that prioritize the optical ”.

This intrinsic “invisibility” and at the same time imposed on the art of auditory billing was also due to the “paradigm shift” that occurred in those years
Which engendered a new way of understanding creation far removed from the canons of academia and the impositions of industry. “Sound art thus becomes a global phenomenon and at the same time localized

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