Antonio Pereira Episode sixth bull To Be Live Soon

The great success of Antonio Ferrera is that he has been able to sleep in his bed after the shocking fuck he suffered when he nailed a couple of flags to the violin to the sixth bull in the afternoon.

At the moment of embrocation, the bull hooked him by the vest, lifted him with unleashed fury, passed him from python to python and threw him on the sand. It was a dramatic few seconds. Due to those strange things in life, the bullfighter got up limp, but without a wound on his body episode to be live soon.

Ferrera cut off five ears, the members of his gang carried him on their shoulders, and starred in an afternoon full of variety with deceptions, bullfighting heterodoxy, a brilliant set design and a dramatic dose before a very serious and rough bullfight by Zalduendo.

There was not that great round task because there was, perhaps, the auspicious bull; It was a celebration of bright stitching, sparkles and drops of high-end bullfighting, but, in addition to the scares, the commitment of a bullfighter stood out.

He summoned the first five bulls in the supreme luck several meters away; In the first third of the second he ordered the picador to go to the media while the bull waited glued to tables

Throughout his performance he seemed to be more concerned with escaping the rules, and more attentive to the scenery, the details, the gestures and the postures that draw deep and deep bullfighting.

In the end, the intention stood out more than the work; the scenery shone more than the bullfighting, but the feat remained.

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