Mahraganat Young Music Of the Egyptian suburbs that worries the authorities

Despite its immense popularity in Egypt the origins of mahraganat a popular dance music genre that sparks all manner of passions in the country and region remain a mystery His first known lead however originated in 2007 in an internet café in Medinat El Salam

A workingclass suburb of Cairo where the youth of the neighborhood went to drown their free time It was there that Dj Figo now an icon discovered a free music software with which he could begin to experiment and create new very basic rhythms influenced by shaabi music

Another popular genre with a strong incentive to dance and marked by the pressure and daily struggles of the punished youth of the periphery of Cairo His first trial already caused a sensation

Suddenly Dj Figo discovered that the track had traveled to all the internet cafes in the neighborhood and that all the boys wanted to have it recalls Mahmoud Refat founder of a small independent production company 100 Copies who has collaborated with the most famous Mahraganat singers in the world country

Spurred on by the proof of Dj Figo another more poetic artist from a nearby neighborhood Amr Haha then produced a more elaborate track Refat evokes But not wanting to leave his neighborhood behind

Dj Figo wanted to go one step further and realized that he could use the cybers precarious microphone headphones to record voice in the software The result Mahragan El Salam is the first known mahraganat

The genre was born in the same workingclass neighborhoods of the Egyptian capital that gave birth to Shaabi music in the difficult 1970s marked by the aggressive neoliberal policies of the Anwar El Sadat regime

But its singers intentionally distance themselves from this genre to claim their own as belonging to their generation with a different flow faster music simple voices and particular motifs.

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