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When Starz’ series Outlander ended last spring, season 5 left everything on the table. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced the show’s already green-lit 6th season to be postponed indefinitely, after a chaotic finale that ended with Claire and Jamie having some much-needed alone time together in the face of new traumas at their Fraser’s Ridge homestead.

Source: Starz

Outlander Season 6: Production Status

Thanks to a recent update from Starz and Sony Pictures TV, Outlanders patient fans learned the delays are almost over. According to the network, production on the next season of Outlander has started. To mark the occasion, Starz unveiled a sneak peek from the Season 6 set in Scotland, which sees Claire and Jamie alone together once more, just as we left them at the end of season 5. See the first look below:

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There is still a lot more to get ready in order to revive Outlander’s spectacular, locational creation than Claire and, of course, Jamie on a horse. Though Heughan went on Twitter to mark the team reunion, Starz even trickled the beginning of his early shooting of some of the clothing, scene designs and places we will see as the civil war unfolds in lovers’ time-crossed attempts to assert a new future in Colonial America.

While the show finally has the opportunity to get its size-able ensemble together and start to shoot the next season, most of the planning has already been completed. Season 6 scripts are based on the 6th novel in the Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander book series, A¬†Breath of Snow and Smoke, were created and ready last May, before the network was forced to suspend development when the pandemic hit its early toll.

Outlander Season 6: What To Expect

Matthew B. Roberts, executive producer, hinted last summer that the next season will carry grim new truth as inhabitants of Fraser’s Ridge experience fresh emotional traumas in a future conflict. Claire and Jamie, both of whom have seen various cruelty in various occasions, would not be spared a new series of obstacles as season 6 comes. Expect there to be joys, tension, pain, laughter.

The season 5 finale was the right opportunity to escape Lionel Brown once and for all while Claire withdrew briefly into a more comfortable 20th-Century fancy as a means of grappling with all she had encountered. The war winds whistle as Fraser’s Ridge finally builds a sound foundation, but tragedy would certainly not be brief when the sixth season comes to light.

Source: Starz

Outlander Season 6: Release Date

A release date for Outlander’s 6th season has not yet been announced. That just offers viewers and series newcomers more incentives than ever to rally up with the ever-deepening saga of The Frasers. All five Outlander seasons can now be watched on Starz.

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