Source: Netflix One Man Punch is among the most famous Japanese animated series. This action web series is written by Tomohiro Suzuki. One Man Punch is an adaptation of a manga series of the same name written by ONE. The comic has also been adapted into a digital manga, which is illustrated by Yusuke Murate and has over 20 million copies currently in circulation.

One Punch Man Season 3

The story of this comedy series revolves around a superhero who is strong enough to defeat any powerful contender with one punch (hence the name of the series), but he remains unsatisfied because of his superiority while continuing to seek a suitable opponent. This only scratches the surface of the story’s complexity, as it has many other captivating elements apart from the superhero, Saitama. So far, two seasons of this web series have been released. Thanks to the manga comic series, One Man Punch was already famous in Japan prior to acquiring global attention with the web series. The first season was directed by Shingo Natsume at Madhouse — a Japanese animation studio — and was an instant hit. Season 1 of One Punch Main aired from October to December 2015 in Japan. It has been praised by the critics because of its uniqueness and versatility. Although season 2 was also good, it lacked the unique elements of season 1. The second season was animated by J.C. Staff and aired from April to July of 2019. Here are the latest updates on the most important details to know for the upcoming season of this series.
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One Man Punch Season 3: Release Date

At this time, it is difficult to predict the release date of season 3. The creators have not officially renewed One Punch Man for season 3, nor have they announced an official release date. However, the official One Punch Man Twitter account did mention that the story does not end with season 2, which is very reassuring. Considering there was a four year gap between the release of season 1 and season 2, it’s still possible the series could be renewed. If season 3 were to follow a similar timeline, fans may possibly have to wait until a 2023 release date for One Punch Man season 3.
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One Man Punch Season 3: Cast, Characters and Crew

We all know that the plot of this series revolves around Saitama. So obviously, we will see Makoto Furukawa as Saitama in season 3. Apart from him, it has been leaked that the following voice actors will return as well: Kaito Ishikawa as Genos, Shota Yamamoto as Bearded Worker, Ueda Youji as Bespectacled Worker, Nobuo Tobita as Sitch, Hiromichi Tezuka as Commentator, Sawashiro Yuuichi as Mumen Rider and Yoshiaki Hasegawa as Eyelashes.
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One Man Punch Season 3: Storyline

One Punch Man is an action-comedy anime about a man, Saitama, who is the main protagonist and superhero who packs a deadly punch. The story is set on an unnamed supercontinent Earth where powerful villains and monsters are wreaking havoc in the cities. To combat this, a millionaire named Agoni creates the Hero Association which employs superheroes to battle the Monster Association. The Monster Association is responsible for the rapid creation of monsters and is intent on destroying the Hero Association. Saitama is a lone superhero hailing from City Z who is self trained to defeat any enemy with a single punch. He does not work for either the Hero or Monster association but instead performs heroic deeds for his own enjoyment. Unfortunately, he becomes bored by a lack of challenging opponents and begins seeking out a worthy foe to battle. Season three will likely follow closely along the storyline of the two previous seasons, with more action-packed sequences and fighting scenes. Some sources believe that Garou will be the main villain in season three. After Garou take the beast pill, he will be a deserving opponent of Saitama who will be unable to defeat Garou with just one punch. Along with Garou getting more screen time, other spoilers hint that Class heroes like Atomic Samurai, Flashy Flash, and Zombieman will also face new monster villains.

Where to Watch ‘One Punch Man’ Season 3?

Season one of the anime series is currently available for streaming on both Netflix and Hulu. Depending on your location, you may also be able to stream season one of One Punch Man on Amazon Prime. Season two has been exclusively released on Hulu. Season 3 will most likely air in Japan first before being released on either Hulu and/or Netflix.
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