Produced by Stephen Carpenter, David Grant, and Jim Coff, “Grimm” is a drama show based on police proceedings. The dark fantasy and unique series aired on October 28, 2011. The drama’s storyline revolves around Nick Burkhart (the Homicide detective in Portland), the “Grimm”, and the last heir of guardians. Their only duty is to maintain balance and dignity between humans and mythology, given the name “Vesen”.

Grimm Season 7: Updates & Recent News

According to recent reports, NBC has now officially declared that we will not see Nick and his team solving cases in season 7 of the “Grimm.” It is also confirmed that the next season will not release next year.

It’s unfortunate news for people who were in love with Nick and his supernatural police proceedings. The show is going to end with a total of six seasons.

Season 6 of the “Grimm” aired on January 6, 2017, and its last episode premiered on March 13, 2017. Season 6 consists of 13 episodes. Now viewers of the UK can watch this show on Netflix until January 5th 2020, but back in February 2017, it was streamed on the UKTV channel.

In an interview talking about the final season, Reggie Lee said, ” We were in tears after knowing that this will be the last season, especially on the last day of our shoot, it’s difficult to express our feelings.”

Grimm Season 6: Recap

David Guintoli is back as the heir of homicide detective Nick Burkhardt and Grim line, whereas Russell Hornsby is seen as Hank Griffin. Season 6 is the shortest season of the entire series, as it only 13 episodes.

Previously, each season had almost 22 episodes. Season 6 continues talking about the fifth race and epic battle of Black Paw.

Grimm Season 6: Cast

David Guintoli played the role of Nick Burkhardt, Russell Hornsby as Hank Griffin. Silas Mitchell was seen in the character of Monroe, Bree Turner in Rosalee Calvert, Claire Coffee in Adalind Schade.

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