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Fans were recommended another Austen adaptation, Sanditon, following the success of the Netflix Bridgerton season one release. Screenwriter Andrew Davies created the British drama adapted from Jane Austen’s unfinished novel, which was first released in the UK in August 2019. Since then, it aired in the United States in January of 2020.

In theory, that means it would have been possible to have season two, but after a year since its US release, it’s looking quite unlikely we’ll see a second chapter given to the drama.

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Sanditon Season 2 — Release Date and Renewal Status

Sanditon fans were pleased to learn about the new Netflix film, Bridgerton. It’s a Rhonda Rhimes production, full of vividly colored ball gowns, savory gossip, and engrossing romance. Fans of period dramas flocked to the streaming platform to watch all eight episodes of the show, making Bridgerton an instant success as it topped Netflix’s daily top 10 rankings for several days.

With the success of Bridgerton, Netflix should recognize their sizable & passionate fanbase for period dramas. It would be the perfect time for them to give Sanditon and its fans a much deserved season 2.

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Sanditon Season 2 — Netflix or Amazon Prime Release?

Back in June of 2020, Amazon Prime once gave Sanditon fans hope they were considering picking up the show for a second season.

Fans gladly spent time petitioning Amazon Prime to give Sanditon another run, but now that Netflix is beginning to see how ardent our passion is for all things dramatic and romantic, they may be more interested in the opportunity.

For fans of both Bridgerton and Sanditon, make sure Netflix hears that you’d like to see Sanditon added to their 2021 production line-up by blogging, sharing this post, request the show on their request form, and using the #SaveSanditon hashtag.

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Sanditon Season 2 — Why was it Cancelled?

The show was a joint venture between ITV and PBS. Additionally, sources report that ITV has already refused to produce the show. The reason has never been revealed, but it was likely due to the lack of audience interested in the show.

PBS stated in a tweet that they would not be able to produce the show if there were no co-producers, due to the large budget required for production. Therefore, it is very likely that the program will not be renewed. However, if a streaming service like Netflix is ​​interested in the show, it can be renewed, but the show’s ratings don’t indicate it will head in that direction.

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