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Netflix’s psychological thriller series, You, became a viral hit with viewers after moving from the Lifetime network to the streaming platform. You currently has 2 seasons under its belt so far, with a third season confirmed to be on the way.

The series has been received quite well by critics thus far, garnering a 6.7 out of 10 rating for its first season on Rotten Tomatoes and an even better 8.4 out of 10 for season two. Because the latest season released near the end of December 2019, fans are wondering what the You season 3 release date is as it seems to be much over due. The show has already received an official confirmation of a third season renewal, so let’s review all of the details so far about the production and release status.

Source: Netflix

You Season 3 Release Date & Production Status: When does it come out?

Season 3 of You was officially confirmed in January of 2020 but production has been delayed due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. On November 2nd of 2020, a tweet was posted with a picture of fan-favorite, Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley) with the note, “We recommend you stay at least 6 feet from Joe Goldberg at all times. YOU S3 is back in production.”

However, shortly after, filming was suspended in December of 2020 due to the surge of new coronavirus infections in California. In 2019, the series relocated its production to Los Angeles due to a several million dollar tax incentive, thus they’ll most likely not hit their original goal of wrapping filming by April of 2021. There currently is not an official release date as production is unsure when they’ll be able to resume filming. Once production starts up again, they’ll most likely need 6 months to finish filming before a release date will be announced.

Source: Netflix

You Season 3: What To Expect With Storyline And Cast

It’s been confirmed that Penn Badgley and Victoria Pedretti will be reprising their roles as Joe Goldberg and Love Quinn. Season three ended with viewers learning that Love actually killed Delilah instead of Joe, as he had thought. Right before Joe was about to kill Love to pay for her crimes, she tells him she is pregnant. The final scene shows the pregnant Love and Joe moving into a house together, before Joe is seen spying on a mysterious, partially hidden neighbor. Co-creator Sarah Gamble has shared in interviews what their intention was with that final scene.

“It’s pretty obvious when we were filming this that we were careful not to show too much of her because that role hasn’t technically been cast yet. But there’s lots to come with that neighbour.”

So far, we do not know who will play the role of their neighbor but we do have on confirmed new cast member. Tati Gabrielle will be playing the character Marienne, a smart, no-nonsense librarian who lives in Joe & Love’s neighborhood and doesn’t let much get by her.

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