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Details regarding the plot of Iron Fist season 3 have been announced by Danny Rand actor, Finn Jones. Netflix decided a little over two years ago to terminate the Marvel series. Ultimately, the streaming service cancelled all of its Marvel live-action selection in a very surprising move, but Jones has drawn back the veil to reveal what it could have been.

In a recent interview, the actor behind Danny Rand was questioned regarding the potential of a third season for Marvel’s Iron Fist which never came to fruition. Finn Jones provided a glimpse of the plot of the show if it wasn’t cancelled. Here’s the tea:

“Raven [Metzner], who was the showrunner for the second season, and I were sure that there was gonna be a Season 3, so we had already devised the whole thing. I was so excited to get into that. It really was gonna be about Danny finally assuming the role of the Iron Fist, fully accomplished, fully charged up, and fully in control of his s***, as well. It was gonna be this amazing story [with] Danny and Ward off in foreign lands as a buddy storyline almost. And then, you had Colleen in New York, isolated with this new power, struggling to come to terms with her identity and with this power. At some point, we would have met again and probably formed this crazy power couple [or] superhero relationship. Really, Season 3 just had so much promise and it’s a shame to see it squandered and never get to reach its full potential.”

Source: Netflix

Iron Fist first made its appearance in 2017. Season 1 was not generally appreciated but season 2 was considered an upgrade. This is why they would’ve had room for improvement in season 3 if it had come to be. In the Defenders miniseries, Finn Jones also starred in addition to the solo seasons. Jones was honest about the discomfort he endured when the show was cancelled in the same interview.

“It’s horrible. It’s like the death of a friend or a close family member. You’ve spent years building this other world within yourself and sharing this other person with the whole world. Usually, with films or plays, you get to see that arc through. There’s a journey. But with ‘Iron Fist’, it was like we just got to the peak. We were just getting there. We’d just turned the show around. We had just done so much great work, really getting the train back on the tracks. And then, within three weeks of it being released, all of [the Marvel Netflix shows] were wiped out. It was sad. It was stunted. It felt like losing a dear friend. It’s just a shame. There’s not much else I can say.”

Source: Netflix

Marvel Studios agreed to change the focus of its TV offerings. From WandaVision, future shows will be strongly linked to the MCU, primarily through Disney+ streaming. Shows such as Iron First still feel really far from the MCU. And the characters from Netflix were never included in the films.

However, that can change. The rights to Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist have been recovered by Marvel Studios. There are also rumors that in Spider-Man 3, Charlie Cox would appear. While another season is off the cards, Finn Jones might get another chance, based on how Marvel needs to play out the rest of their storylines.

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