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Season 11 of Blue Bloods is in the works, and the cast and crew doesn’t seem to care that they’re also knee-deep in snow!

We understand that the weather in New York City has been particularly severe recently, but the cast and crew are continuing to work as hard as they can to bring the CBS series to life. Any of this can be seen on Marisa Ramirez’s Instagram Stories, also known as Baez. Although we’re sure the colder weather has a significant effect on shooting, it looks great on video. Given that NYPD cops operate in all forms of weather, it also allows for more credibility in some of these tales.

Source: CBS

Most of the points we’ve learnt so far about Blue Bloods filming this year is that it’s going to be different. And what extent is this true? Consider a number of less crowded places and a variety of workarounds to make locations appear real. This season has less landmarks than average, owing to the cast and crew’s emphasis on safety during the pandemic. Overall, they’ve done an excellent job, maintaining that some of the places feel like they did in the past, considering the fact that they are now exposed to further constraints.

Note that Blue Bloods doesn’t have any other episodes schedule for this month, but you will see the cast and crew return in April. Hopefully, we’ll hear a few more specifics on what lies ahead soon — we’re very curious to see what the Reagans’ future brings!

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